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BuildTopia is an integrated construction management system for residential builders, bringing all tasks, processes, and workflow together as a single system with purchasing, project management, and job-cost technology.

This web-based, easy-to-use construction software keeps you connected to staff, trade partners and buyers throughout the entire sales, construction and warranty process. BuildTopia eliminates the need for multiple software packages, double data entry and a complicated set-up, saving you valuable time and money.

Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing

Reduce construction cycle times, identify resource conflicts, eliminate mistakes and cut costs by integrating your schedules with purchasing and sales.

BuildTopia distributes real-time project management information across its role-based application. Easily manage schedules across a project, identify resource conflicts, expedite payment for work completed, and reduce cycle times.

  • Bidding Management: by utilizing the Web to efficiently distribute project information and bid packages to your trades, costly plan distributions are eliminated. Trade partners and suppliers can view the entire bid package online and trade enter their bids, saving you time and effort maintaining your purchasing database. BuildTopia easily tracks quotes to generate a total cost for each plan, option, task, and item. With centralized document management and bid package creation, you can manage the distribution of documents, bid packages, plan updates and construction punch lists automatically to all of your trade partners online.
  • Scheduling and Project Management: distribute real-time project management information across the BuildTopia role-based application. Easily manage schedules across a project, identify resource conflicts, expedite payment for work completed, and reduce cycle times. Everyone involved in the project from lenders, customers, internal personnel, and trade partners can see current and future schedules. With real-time information in a centralized system, management gains seamless top-down visibility to a project’s status.
  • Purchasing: real-time cost control with online budget and variance tracking, purchase order generation and approval, and collaboration between trade partners and the builder. BuildTopia generates purchase orders automatically based on current contracts with trade partners and real-time scheduling. With flexible approval workflow and variance processing, BuildTopia ensures purchasing accuracy. Distribute purchase orders electronically and expedite payments to trade partners. Employ a “management by exception” principle and start each project with finite job cost budgets based on the actual purchase orders that directly relate the trade partner’s underlying contract with the builder.
  • Trade Network: share real-time construction job information with trade partners including schedules, purchase orders, documents, and more. With instant visibility to important project information, you can work together with your construction partners to expedite work, eliminate mistakes, and maintain consistent margins.
  • Document Management: this powerful communications tool associates documents to various entries within BuildTopia to make them available across your organization and to trades, as required. Collaboration is simplified as the “master” document is never questioned. Communication with trades is standardized and streamlined based on the builder’s need

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Sales Management & CRM

Price lots, plans, and options, as well as manage incentives, loan programs, and available brokers for a project.

Manage every detail of the sales environment: leads, marketing campaigns, contract creation, pricing and options, customizations, and most importantly, your relationship with your customer.

  • Sales Management: completely automate the sales environment. BuildTopia provides tools for managers to price lots, plans and options, as well as manage incentives, loan programs, and available brokers for a project.
  • Contract Management: automatically distribute quotes and contracts with notifications to management for approval. Once approved, contracts can automatically be generated by the system, saving hours of work. BuildTopia’s contract management tools provide more accurate quoting, better management oversight and a streamlined contract-creation process that allow you to sell homes and upgrades faster and more efficiently.
  • Pricing and Options Management: centrally manage products and pricing quickly and easily across your entire company. By maintaining an online options library in BuildTopia, you put your design center and sales team in the position to always sell the right product on the right lot at the right price. As a Web-based application, internal and third-party sales agents can also log in to the system from anywhere allowing them to sell homes, options and upgrades more efficiently.
  • Customer Relationship Management: harnessing all data from the very beginning of the customer lifecycle through the end of the warranty phase, BuildTopia provides builders the ability to lower the cost of communication, speed up the sales cycle, and increase both customer satisfaction scores and referral ratios. Builders and real estate professionals realize the benefits of exceptional customer communication are not just lower warranty costs, but also powerful high-quality customer referrals.

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Experience the power of integrated accounting.

Specifically designed to interface with your accounting system, BuildTopia is a true, fully integrated enterprise construction management software solution.

  • On-Demand Reporting: to meet the complex management reporting and data analysis needs of residential developers, BuildTopia allows quick and easy creation of powerful real-time management reports across all operational areas. On-Demand Reporting is simple to use: with the help of a “wizard” you select an area of your business for which to generate a report, data fields to report on, whether to summarize and group your data and how to filter and export it. In a quick and organized fashion, you’ve created richly formatted reports with real-time business information.
  • BuildTopia & Intuit QuickBooks: BuildTopia links with QuickBooks, the most popular accounting package for residential developers, and includes:
    • Technical integration support, documentation and enhancements
    • Partnerships to assure collaboration on support, development and distribution
    • Support for Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Contractor Edition
    • On-staff BuildTopia / QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors
  • BuildTopia & Microsoft Dynamics: BuildTopia’s real-time workflow integration with Microsoft Dynamics, a next-generation construction accounting system, includes:
    • Multi-Company Accounting and Transaction Processing
    • Centralized Cash Management/Multiple Check Processing
    • Land Development Cost Management
    • Detailed Job Cost Budgeting
    • Management of Vendor Insurance and Lien Waivers
    • Real-time integration with BuildTopia

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Warranty & Customer Service

BuildTopia provides full control of the customer service process; and therefore full control over your relationships with your customers.

Increase customer satisfaction through responsive customer care. BuildTopia allows full control of the customer service process; and therefore full control over your relationships with your customers. Communicate instantly and effectively with staff, trades, and customers; ease your customer into their new home and be confident that they are happy and will become ambassadors of your homes.

  • Customer Service Request Management: seamlessly communicate with staff and trade partners about customer service issues and connect directly with homeowners via online warranty claim submission centers. BuildTopia grants builders the freedom to establish superior customer service with a simple online design and powerful, customizable data management views.
  • Change Order Management: after diagnosing a customer service request, service orders can be created and assigned to internal and external resources for fulfillment. Service orders can include multiple line items related to a request and have the ability to support back charging. Notifications and copies of new service orders can be sent to trade partners via email. Trade partners can collaborate on service orders online with pictures, documents and notes on the BuildTopia Trade Network.
  • Quality Assurance: record the defect and/or root cause for any punchlist item or warranty request. Tracking and reporting on defect information can help you improve construction quality and proactively implement value engineering for future projects.